Hostess Employees Get $2.2M Grant from U.S. Labor Department

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BOONVILLE - Unemployed Hostess workers in Missouri will receive assistance from a national emergency grant to transition into training and locating new areas of employment.

The U.S. Department of Labor released a report that said it will give initially $2.2 million to the Missouri Division of Workforce Development. The grant will provide assistance for workers to find new jobs, in addition to their benefits from a previous agreement.

This organization will use these funds toward the Hostess employees among the 39 work sites in Missouri, including Missouri residents employed in the Kansas and Oklahoma location.

Boonville lost about 80 workers at its Hostess factory. Boonville City Council member Hayes Murray said this assistance is much needed, but he said this will not provide any long term benefit for the economic climate of the city -- especially after Nordyne announced lay-offs this week.

"We can't go on with here's a hand out today, here's a hand out for tomorrow, but sooner or later, that handout is not going to be there. If all your manufacturing jobs are gone and tax base completely eroded, what do we have to give?" Murray said.

In order for the state to continue to qualify, the state must apply for the assistance.