Hotel Rooms Not Full Near Stadium Where MU Tigers Play Friday

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ARLINGTON - Some managers of hotels near AT&T Stadium where the Cotton Bowl will take place Friday say the hotels have a record-low amount of reservations. 

 "The pace has obviously been way off in terms of it's slower, slower pickup, we haven't done a whole lot picking up the rooms," Sheraton executive director of revenue Marcos Vidal said. 

"People are just waiting 'til the last minute. Right after the teams were announced, we did get about a 90 room increase, and we thought 'here it comes', and that was about it."

"That was the biggest increase we got, and so it slowly trickles in right now...and we were sold out last year."

KOMU 8 News contacted 20 different hotels in the neighboring area around the stadium; only three of the hotel managers said there was no change in reservation sales from last year's Cotton Bowl to this year. 

Vidal said he thinks the reservation slow down is because fans are either driving in order to tailgate or want to be in downtown Dallas instead of Arlington by the stadium. 

KOMU searched Expedia to get information on room rates in downtown Dallas to compare the rates closer to the stadium.  On average, hotels in downtown Dallas are only $10 a night cheaper than hotels closer to the stadium for the Cotton Bowl weekend.