House bill could change immunization notification

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JEFFERSON CITY - A bill in the Missouri House of Representatives could change the immunization notification process for Missouri child care providers. 

House Bill 976 specifies that any private, public, or parochial day care centers, preschools, and nursery schools notify the parent or guardian, upon request, of whether there are any children attending who have an immunization exemption on file. 

The House Children and Families Committee held an executive session to discuss the bill Monday. 

The bill is sponsored by committee chairman Rep. Diane Franklin (R-Camdenton).

Paul Prevo, owner of Columbia's Tiger Tots Child Development Center, said the bill is overstepping its boundaries.

"It's really government stepping into a part where people have the freedom right now to make the choice whether or not their children are vaccinated, and it's the state government trying to step in and tell parents how to raise their children," Prevo said. 

If the law is enacted and upheld, Prevo said that Tiger Tots would change its current policy and follow new procedure. 

"Should the law be upheld, obviously we follow all of the licensing rules we would be required to do anything necessary to follow those rules." 

If enacted, the bill would take effect in August 2015.