House Committee Backs Bill to Delay Candidate Filing

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Missouri House committee approved a measure Monday to push back the deadline for candidates to file for office.

Senate candidates can begin filing for office on February 28, but at this point they don't know which district they will represent. The Senate Redistricting Commission has yet to decide on the outcome of redistricting maps. This comes after the Missouri Supreme Court threw out the redistricting maps last fall.

The bill would delay the date for filing for office to by one month. That means candidates would begin filing March 27.

Bill sponsor Sen. Mike Parson, R-Bolivar, says that pushing the filing date back will allow more time for the Senate Redistricting Commission to propose a suitable map. Parson said it not only affects the candidates, but also the voters. 

"The people don't know who their senator is and the people don't know what their districts are," Parson said.  

Following little discussion, the House Elections Committee swiftly approved the measure 7 to 2.