House committee to begin hearing on possible Greitens impeachment

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri has never impeached a governor, but that could change in 2018. Tuesday, the House of Representatives will decide whether to move forward with the impeachment process regarding Gov. Eric Greitens.

Pervill Squire is a political science professor at the University of Missouri. He said Missouri has a different procedure than most other states when it comes to impeaching a governor.

"Most other states would have the Senate sit as a judge and jury. In Missouri, for the gubernatorial impeachment, the Senate will select seven sitting jurists, seven sitting judges, and those judges will make the decision. We don't have any experience with that process so nobody really knows exactly how it's likely to unfold."

Squire said he thinks the House will want to move forward. 

"Certainly the House committee has spent a good deal of time investigating this and they're quite comfortable with the position they're in right now."

Squire noted the significance of a majority republican House of Representatives and Senate. He said this suggests the issue of impeachment is not a partisan matter, but a question of whether the governor has violated the norms of being an elected official.

"We always like to think of ourselves as a nation of laws and that we hold elected officials to the same standards that we would others," Squire said. "So the governor's actions, if the House determines that he's done the sorts of things the House committee suggests he has, then they have to decide whether somebody, who has transgressed in the way he has, still has the authority or the right to operate as governor."