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JEFFERSON CITY - House Democrats took aim to the Republican-dominated state government by filing an ethics package on Tuesday. 

The goal is to restore accountability and integrity to the state government by making it easier to trace secretive "dark money."

The bills include organizations to report all money made in support of opposition to a candidate or ballot measure and other spending made on behalf of elected officials.

Other measures would prohibit government officials or employees from using data-purging applications while conducting public business. This came in light of a disclosure by the Kansas City Star stating that Greitens and members of his administration use the Confide app, which is an app that destroys text messages after they've been read and prevents them from being saved.

House Minority Whip Leader Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia said under the Sunshine Law this is acceptable.

"General Hawley agrees that there are concerns that electronic communications are government records," Kendrick said.

Assistant House Minority Leader Gina Mitten, D-St. Louis who filed this bill said the other party should support the package.

"None of these proposals are controversial. That's the thing that is most important for people to realize. They're not controversial, they're not partisanship, this is plain good governance," Mitten said.

House Democrats will also pursue imposing a hard ban on elected officials accepting public gifts.

"The general assembly has the ability to provide Missouri taxpayers with the transparency that they deserve and that includes everybody at all levels of government. From local government to the governor," Mitten said.