House Keeps Close Watch on Mamtek Project

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JEFFERSON CITY -  The House is creating a committee to look into the Moberly Mamtek factory project.  The project promised to create 612 jobs, but Mamtek defaulted on an August bond payment, costing Moberly those jobs and leaving the city with the possibility of spending $53.7 million dollars in the next 15 years just to pay back money for the now unused factory. 

According to Missouri Net, the House says it wants to make sure no taxpayer dollars are wasted.  The Senate already formed a committee to look into what happened to the Mamtek-Sucralose plant, and now the House has also formed a committee.

According to Missouri Net, House committee chair, Jay Barnes, said his committee's goal is not to craft legislation, but just to look at all the facts and hear from interested parties before making any decision about what to do to keep something like this from happening again.  He said the committee plans to call it's first meeting at the end of November, tentatively.