House Speaker Steven Tilley Apologizes for Remarks

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JEFFERSON CITY - House Speaker Republican Steven Tilley apologized for his comment about flooding Cairo, Il. Thursday.

When asked if Tilley preferred Missouri farmland underwater or Cairo, Tilley instantly said, "Cairo. I've been there. Trust me." Watch the video here.

Tilley apologized to the citizens of Cairo for his offensive remark. He says he wishes no ill will to the rural Illinois town. His apology can be seen here.

KOMU spoke with Tilley on the phone Thursday afternoon and he said accusations that he is racists are, "ridiculous." He said when you do as many interviews as he does, you're bound to say something stupid. Tilley said his remarks were insensitive and he is sorry.

Tilley offered this written apology on April 28:

"In a recent interview I was asked about a proposal that would blow-up a dam in Missouri and impact Mississippi County and Cairo, Il. As the Speaker of the Missouri House I came to the defense of Missouri, but in doing so I said some inappropriate and hurtful comments about the community of Cairo. I first want to apologize for my insensitive remark and personally apologize to anyone that I offended. My commitment to the residents and farmers of southeast Missouri should not have led me to insult another community and for that I am sincerely regretful."