How Much Coverage is Enough Coverage

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COLUMBIA - KOMU-8 strives to provide a variety of coverage from local to national news to keep you well informed. On any given day we must make the tough decisions as to which stories will make it on-air. There is simply not enough time to tell all the stories of the day. In this week's 'Your View' KOMU-8'S Sarah Hill explores how much coverage is enough coverage.

Last month, KOMU covered the death of the last American World War One Veteran, Frank Buckles. Yet some viewers missed our coverage and complained.

John Myshrall wrote, "Today, I read an internet story on MSNBC that Missouri native Frank Buckles, the last surviving WWI soldier died a week ago...I am somewhere between mad and sad that I have neither read nor heard anything on the local or national news about his passing."

However, we did air a story on his death on our morning show and then covered his burial in Washington DC on March 15 during our five and six pm newscasts.

KOMU-8'S news director, Stacey Woelfel, weighed in on the issue of coverage. "I would say, we do cover something, but its only on one or two newscasts that people just don't see, that newscast, there was a time when people use to watch every newscast every night so they had a better grasp of what was going on," Woelfel said.

It's producers that ultimately must make the tough decisions on what will air. "If you give producers a list of all the stories of the day and say, here's 20 stories and only ten can be in the newscast, any two people will disagree," Woelfel explains.

Myshrall also wrote,"How can the press and how can our national leadership from President Obama on down, let this go unnoticed and unhonored?"

However, Buckles was given a special burial at Arlington National Cemetary. The President Issued a statement and Governor Nixon ordred flags in Missouri to fly at half staff.

Myshrall did not respond to KOMU's attempts for a comment.

So what do you think? Komu broadcasts 6 and a half hours of news each weekday, plus dozens of stories on komu-dot-com. You cannot watch and read it all. But we'd be glad if you did. Did we cover the death of Frank Buckles Enough?

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