Howard County

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FAYETTE - As winter turns into spring, an official in Howard County said the mild winter does not equate to any additional county savings.

Howard County Presiding Commissioner Lowell Eaton said this is because the county has spent a lot of money on catch-up work, things like putting pipes down, bridge repair, and street repair, or as Eaton said, "Things you normally can't do this time of year."

Catch-up work means a lot of money is spent on fuel to get equipment and supplies where it needs to be and with gas more expensive than it was last year it costs a lot to transport goods, Eaton said.

Eaton said the only county 'savings' have been for utilities--it was 10% to 15% cheaper this year but Eaton said the price of fuel overshadows this.

In Howard County, Eaton said there never is a ton of money around. But, he said the county "manages to get along fine."

According to U.S. Census data from 2010, 10,144 lived in the 463 square-mile area of Howard County.