Howard County Residents to Vote on Use Tax on April 2

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HOWARD COUNTY - Voters will consider a 2.625 percent use tax issue on the April 2nd ballot. The tax affects those who purchase big ticket items like cars from out-of-state and/or spend $2,000 or more on online shopping each year. 

"It's going to make the people who buy out-of-state: cars, trucks, boats, motors, trailors. It's just going to make them pay for it like the pople that are buying local," Howard County Commissioner Lowell Eaton said.

Currently, residents of Howard County do not have to pay county taxes on those items purchased across Missouri borders. However, this tax would force buyers who purchase items out-of-state to pay the same amount of tax as if the item were purchased inside the state. 

Residents in Fayette and Glasgow will see an additional use tax issue on the same ballot. If both the county and city use tax issues pass, those living inside either of these two cities will pay the 2.625 percent county tax as well as a 1.75 percent tax (in Glasgow) or a 1.125 percent tax (in Fayette).  

"It's putting a sales tax on something that you avoided paying sales tax on because you did it outside the state of Missouri," Fayette City Clerk Charlotte Leimkuehler said. 

The owner of a local auto sales company said he is in favor of the tax because it would discourage people from going out of state to purchase vehicles because they can dodge taxes. 

This issue failed on the August 2012 ballot in Howard County and in Glasgow.