Howling dog, animal control officer from Holt's Summit become viral stars

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HOLTS SUMMIT – A local animal control officer has become an internet star after he posted a video of his hilarious run in with man’s best friend.

Kevin Ward wears many hats in Holts Summit but is currently serving in animal control. He has a unique passion for animals and placing them in good homes. 

“One of my best memories has been working in those animal abuse cases,” he said. “To see those dogs get adopted, cats, you know, it’s really gratifying.”

Sometimes Ward has to switch off between playing good cop and bad cop. He said he’s had multiple run ins with the star of the viral video, Chevy Dog. This time, it didn't go quite as smoothly as their typical interactions.

“Usually I can take him home,” Ward said. “But I didn’t have the opportunity to do that this day. We had to take him to the pound.”

Ward said he’s picked Chevy up about four or five times. But Chevy’s mom, Samantha Miller, says he gets out way more often than that.

“More like three or four times a day,” she said. “We’re lucky if he gets back without Kevin even knowing.”

Since that long day in doggy jail, Chevy hasn’t gotten out anymore. Miller said this family dog doesn’t mean any harm.

“He’s just a friendly human, I guess. I mean, he’s more of a human than a dog.”