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FULTON - Forty people with disabilities will learn how to ride a two-wheel bicycle at the iCan Bike camp this week. 

iCan Bike is a program under iCan Shine, a non-profit organization that provides learning opportunities for people with disabilities to maximize their strengths while participate in recreational activities.

Nancy Hansen is a Fulton mother whose youngest daughter, Shelby, suffers from a rare genetic disorder and is hard of hearing.

Hansen and her husband were having some difficulties trying to teach Shelby how to ride a bike at home and that's when she discovered the iCan Bike camp in Saint Louis and decided to travel two hours back and forth for a week, for Shelby to attend.

"It was the first time I saw Shelby really ride a bike and she was so proud of herself and she was so happy," Hansen said. 

The iCan Bike experience influenced Hansen to become a host and bring the camp to mid-Missouri.

"It changed me as a parent because I saw her succeed and I saw her do something. So, I wanted her to try more and I wanted her to do a lot more.  After experiencing that and how amazing it was for our family, I just decided that Fulton need an iCan Bike," Hansen said.

iCan Bike is always looking to spread the word, and local volunteers to come out and assist with the camp.

Alexandra Higgins is a 16-year-old who enjoys giving back to her community. She will be working at the camp as a volunteer spotter. 

"You get out of it what you put in. The joy from seeing somebody be able to do something that they previously couldn't is pretty cool," Higgins said. 

iCan Bike camp is June 18 through June 22.