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POPLAR BLUFF- Poplar Bluff Police tells KOMU it has lifted all mandatory evacuations for the city, meaning people and their pets are leaving shelters and returning to their homes to survey the damage. 

The Humane Society of Missouri sent a crew to Poplar Bluff to set up a shelter for evacuated and stray animals. At its peak, the shelter housed 48 animals. Another Red Cross shelter in the area took in more than 100 pets. The Humane Society's rescue team found several dogs in houses surrounded by water over the course of the week, and emergency crews rescued many more animals, including horses stranded in high water. 

The Highway Patrol rescue teams does not specifically search for animals, but will take in pets while rescuing people stranded in their homes. 

The Humane Society also prepared to take in horses and livestock, but saw most residents find friends and family in the community to take in their large animals. The Humane Society packed up the shelter Friday, and began waiting for their next assignment. The crew said it is ready to go to the Bird's Peak area, if the Army Corps of Engineers decide to breach the levee. 

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