Humane Society asks Callaway County for funding

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FULTON -- The Callaway County Humane Society is hoping to see additional funds from the county in its 2020 budget.

The Callaway County Humane Society is a volunteer-based organization that fosters stray cats and dogs within Callaway County.

Humane Society Board member Mary Simpson said the humane society is critical because the local animal shelter, Grabb Animal Shelter, only takes in animals within the city of Fulton.

Humane Investigator Sandy Corbet said she wants to be able to fund more spaying and neutering procedures for foster parents next year. She said the humane society does not have its own location and often holds events at local businesses to encourage adoption.

Callaway County has given $1,200 to the humane society for the past two years. Corbet said she hopes the county will offer them $2,500 next year because most funding comes from fundraising.

Four veterinary clinics in Callaway County honor its "Spay a Day" program, including Midwest Veterinary Clinic, Link Veterinary Clinic, Callaway Veterinary Clinic and Millersburg Veterinary Clinic. The program allows foster parents a discounted price for spaying and neutering services.

"Each veterinary clinic has their own price," Simpson said. "You can take your voucher and get $25 off that cost."

Pets need to be neutered because some owners will not care for the litter of kittens or puppies that may follow, Simpson said.

Randall Kleindienst, Callaway County Commissioner, said he thinks the program benefits the community and keeps everyone safe because the county cannot afford to pay for animal control.

The humane society met with Kleindienst on Tuesday in an effort to receive more county support for its efforts to spay and neuter more cats and dogs.

Kleindienst said the county is seriously considering the increase in funding. 

"I think it's good they can help some, I just wish people would take the responsibility themselves," Kleindienst said.