Humane Society hosts fundraising event "Whiskers and Wine."

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society hosted its 6th annual "Whiskers and Wine" fundraising event on Monday. Event goers bid on artwork portraying animals, with the proceeds going toward offsetting the society's $17,000 per week costs.

"Every dollar that is donated goes directly towards the care of the animals and keeping the shelter running," said CMHS Associate Director Michelle Casey.

The keynote speaker at the event this year is international photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand. Gamand is known for her "Flower Power" series, a collection of photos depicting pitbulls from shelters wearing flower crowns. She uses the photos as a tool to cast a positive light on the dogs.

"That's why I'm here tonight," Gamand said "[To discuss] How we can all work together to improve the life of shelter dogs and pit bulls in particular."

While Gamand's speech will center around increasing awareness for shelter dogs, her mission for the night is much more broad.

"The first goal tonight is to raise money for a shelter that is really deserving of our help," Gamand said.

Interested in donating? Visit the Central Missouri Humane Society's website.