Humane Society urges caution with pets during holidays

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COLUMBIA - The Central Missouri Humane Society urges pet owners to keep an eye on their animals during the remaining holidays.

Tress often stay up until after New Year's Day and Stephanie Lanham, kennel manager at CMHS, said ornaments and lights can be particularly dangerous for pet.

She said owners should keep their pets away from holiday plants as well.

"Things like poinsettias that people have around the house this time of year are really poisonous to dogs and cats," Lanham said.

Lanham also said pets should not be fed with scraps during holiday meals. There is danger that bones from poultry and ham can get lodged in the animal's throat or splinter in their stomach or intestine and making them really ill. Chocolate can also be hazardous as it can be fatal for some animals. 

In case dogs or cats swallow bones or chocolate, Lanham said owners should immediately call their veterinary physician.

A number of pet hospitals offer emergency services, including the University of Missouri's Veterinary  Hospital.