Hundreds Gather to Honor Murdered Missouri Man

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COLUMBIA - Hundreds of friends, family and colleagues gathered Friday afternoon at Woodcrest Chapel in Columbia to remember Tom Clements.

A Missouri native, Clements worked for the Missouri Department of Corrections for more than 30 years until recently taking a job with the Colorado Department of Corrections. On March 19, someone rang the doorbell at Clements' Colorado home. He answered and was shot and killed.

Police believe the suspect, Evan Ebel, was a former convict in the Colorado prison. System. Authorities chased Ebel to Texas where a shoutout ensued, leading to Ebel's death.

Then Friday Colorado Springs police announced another suspect in connection with the murder had been arrested, 47-year-old James Lohr. Authorites said both Lohr and Ebel are believed to have a connection to a white supremacist Colorado prison gang.

But at Friday's memorial service in Columbia, Clements' family and friends said they don't want him to be remembered as the man who was murdered by an ex-convict.
Clements' widow and two daughters, both in their 20s, attended the service. Governor Jay Nixon and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper were among officials who spoke at the service.

Authorities are still trying to determine the motive and the details behind the murder.

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