Hundreds rally at the state Capitol for the Midwest March for Life

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JEFFERSON CITY - People from across the Midwest came to the Missouri state Capitol on Saturday for the Midwest March for Life.

Organizations such as 40 Days For Life, Thrive, and Mizzou Students for Life were in attendance.

The event, which is in its ninth year, included vendors, a march around the state Capitol and speakers.

Kathy Forck, the campaign director for the Midwest March for Life, said that the purpose for March for Life is to "defend innocent life." 

Forck said her main objective is to let women know that there are alternatives to abortion.

"These vendors are life affirming organizations that reach out to women who are in an unplanned pregnancy. They offer help, and in some instances real hope to women who feel like they have no other choice."

Forck said Alternative to Abortion Program in the state provides rent, food, clothing, education and employment to pregnant mothers. Pregnancy resource centers provide supplies for pregnancies before and after a baby's birth, she said.

Forck said her passion stems from her personal experience.

"I have a true sense for caring for these babies in the womb because I was once in their place going to a place where medicine is practiced and my life was in danger," she said.

Allison Klinghammer, the NARAL Pro-Choice communications and digital strategy manager, said abortion remains one of the safest and common procedures for contraception.

"Unfortunately events like the March for Life and protestors at clinics make women feel stigmatized, guilty, and shameful," she said.

Organizers of the march said more than 1,500 people attended.