Hundreds travel back in time at Little Bethlehem

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COLUMBIA - Hundreds made the trek back in time Saturday evening to the very day Jesus was born. Fairview United Methodist Church hosted its 25th annual "Little Bethlehem."

Over 300 people witnessed the reenactment of the birth of Christ on Friday alone, and it takes the entire congregation to actually produce the entire show.

Katie Berrey, a member of Fairview United Methodist Church, has been working at "Little Bethlehem" since 1998. She said the event has grown every year.

"Every year it seems like it gets bigger and bigger," Berrey said. "We see kids growing up at Little Bethlehem."

The walk features Fairview church members dressed up as characters from the time period of Jesus' birth. Attendees were able to interact and literally live through the birth of Son of God, and even witness and angel.

Berrey said her favorite part of the "journey through Bethlehem" is witnessing the joyous reactions from the crowd.

"My absolute favorite part of the whole thing is seeing kids and adults having a good time," Berrey said. "When someone goes through and says 'thank you, this means a lot to my family,' it's a good feeling."

Berrey said what makes "Little Bethlehem" so special is the 'ah-hah' moment at the very end of the journey.

"The shepherds actually take you on the journey in-search of the Christ child," Berrey said. "When you find the Christ child, the angel appears and the Wise Men show up - it's a touching moment."

The final "Little Bethlehem" for the season is December 13 from 6-8:30 p.m.