Hunting and Fishing Opens this Weekend

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Missouri Hunters and fishermen won't just be celebrating Memorial Day this weekend.

Starting Saturday, squirrel season opens, and fishermen can keep legal-sized black bass in most southern Missouri streams.

Fisherman David LaBeaume said he is excited for the opener but will not get the chance to fish this weekend.

"I normally would stay here for the fishing opener because black bass are my favorite, and I always catch the best ones on the opener, but I have to head out of town this weekend," LaBeaume said. "But you bet I'll be back next weekend to go catch some."

Each year, the fourth Saturday in May marks the beginning of the squirrel and black bass season.

Missouri Department of Conservation spokesperson, Jim Low, advises hunters and fishers to review the rules and regulations each year.

"You can take any combination of fox and gray squirrels, so long as you do not exceed 10 squirrels in one day," Low wrote. "If you bag a daily limit two days in a row, you have a possession limit of 20 squirrels. After that, you must eat or give away some squirrels before going hunting again in order to stay within the possession limit."

Squirrel hunting limits are the same as last year's daily limit of 10 or 20 limit total.

Squirrel hunting season runs until February 15, 2015.

For black bass, the daily limit is six and a total possession cap at 12. In most areas, black bass taken from streams must be at least one foot long. 

A Missouri Department of Conservation spokesperson said he wanted to remind hunters and fishers a permit does not allow you to trespass on private property.

You can access rules for all areas by looking at the 2014 Summary of Missouri Fishing Regulations.

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