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COLUMBIA - Tree Top Innovative Learning Center adopted a highway as part of it's goal to help out a north Columbia neighborhood. The center is under construction.

The center's clients will help pick up trash between the streets of Smiley Lane and Brown School Road.

Chris Campbell, one of the owners and director at the center, said adopting the street is just one way to better serve the community. By keeping the streets cleaner and trash free, he said it will make the area look better and safer.

Tiffany Campbell, also owner and director of the center, said that while the effort won't necessarily stop crime, she hopes it will curb it and keep people out of trouble.

In addition to the adoption, Chris Campbell wants to have the center open soon. He wants the center to be a safe place where families can come to for tutoring, day care, gardening and other activities. He wants it to be a place where anyone can come to to achieve their goals and dreams.