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BOONE COUNTY- Two people are in the hospital tonight after a multi-vehicle crash on I-70 Tuesday morning.

Boone County Fire District Assistant Chief Gale Blomenkamp said three vehicles were involved in the crash on the Missouri River bridge: two tractor-trailers and one van.

Blomenkamp says the van hit the trailer in front and then was hit again from behind, or vice versa, and the van was hit from behind where it smashed into the front of the other trailer.

“The two people inside the van were injured with serious injuries. The driver was extricated from the van and the passenger was able to come out pretty freely,” said Blomenkamp. “The dash had actually collapsed down onto the driver's leg, so we did what we call a dash roll, make some relief cuts and we lift the dash up off of him and we were able to get him out that back window.”

Blomenkamp said both passengers of the van are elderly: the driver male and the passenger female. They were both transported to University Hospital for treatment.

“Anytime we have an accident on the bridge it seems to be fairly significant and someone asked me why that is, and there is really no where for you to go on that bridge,” said Blomenkamp. “You can’t avoid an accident to your left or to your right. Once you’re involved in that accident there is really no where for you to go so things tend to pill up a little more.”

Eastbound I-70 was shut down for more than an hour because of the crash.

Blomenkamp said there is a chance for potential back-up traffic when accidents happen on I-70, which can lead to back-up accidents or secondary accidents.

“People just really need to be use caution. We are coming into the wintertime of the year. Roads could be getting slick and road conditions can change pretty quickly, said Blomenkamp. “People just need to be aware and know their surroundings and keep their heads up.”

Missouri State Highway Patrol is currently investigating the crash. KOMU 8 has reached out to authorities for more information.