I-70 Series themed corn maze draws national attention

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - The 2015 MLB postseason has many Missouri fans dreaming of a World Series rematch 30 years in the making.

The Cardinals hold the best record in the National League entering the postseason (100-62) and the Royals own the best record in the American League (95-67). 

And one mid-Missouri family has more invested in the potential matchup than most.

Shryock's Callaway Farms designed an "I-70 Series" themed corn maze as a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the 1985 World Series and as a prediction.

"I know about the Madden cover jinx and the SI cover jinx, I really hope we're not getting into anything like that," Shryock's Callaway Farms' Dustin Shryock said. "We have confidence in both teams. We think they're built for late October runs."

The post gained a lot of attention when the Shryock's posted the aerial photo to social media.

"When we're picking a theme for what the maze is going to be, we try to pick something that's going to create a little bit of a buzz," Shryock said. "Things are just really coming together really well this season."

Shryock said the picture got more than 100,000 views on Facebook over three days when the family first posted it.

"I think people just really enjoyed taking a look at that picture," Shryock said.

Royals fan Sherri Hanysz saw it on her Facebook feed and drove more than two hours from the Kansas City area to visit the maze on its opening weekend.

"They did a very good job with it," Hanysz said.

She also says she thinks the Royals will have no problem with the birds if both teams make it to the world series.

"It would definitely be fun to have these two teams playing against each other, because the Kansas City Royals would beat them," Hanysz said.

Shryock isn't afraid to tell people where his loyalties lie if the two Missouri teams square off in the fall classic.

"If we make it to the world series with both teams, if you're going to make me pick, I would tell you our barn is red for a reason," Shryock said.

The corn maze will be open until November 1, or the day game 5 of the world series is set to start.