Ice Storms and Super Bowl Orders Swamp Food Delivery Places

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COLUMBIA - The weekend ice storms kept people in, forcing food delivery employees out. Pickleman's General Manager Sarah Sarno described the weekend as "mass pandemonium".

"Orders were pouring in and we were trying to figure out how to get those orders out as fast as possible, but the wait did get up to about two hours," Sarno said.

Sarno said she had to find a balance between driver safety and customer satisfaction.

"It was totally the driver's call," Sarno said. "If they didn't feel comfortable making deliveries they absolutely did not have to."

Other restaurants opted out of delivery completely. Jimmy Johns on Broadway stopped delivering orders Saturday afternoon, saying all their drivers had been involved in accidents.

Delivery places did not catch a break even after most of the roads had been cleared. Shakespeares on 9th Street reported Sunday evening would be one of their busiest with orders coming in for the Super Bowl. Around kickoff, the wait was around two hours.