Identity Theft

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BOONVILLE - The Missouri Department of Corrections confirmed Tuesday it's investigating several cases of identity theft.

KOMU received an anonymous tip Monday from a man saying inmates at the Boonville Correctional Factility stole several employees' identities. The tipster told KOMU more than 10 employees had their identity stolen and at least one inmate used the false information to open a phone line.

KOMU tried to speak with the warden and employees at the Boonville Correctional Facility, but no one would comment on the situation. KOMU cannot confirm these details at this time, but can confirm information in a statement the Department of Corrections released.

The statement reads:

"The Department of Corrections along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol are currently investigating offenders who obtained personal information of some DOC employees and volunteers. However, since the investigation is ongoing, we have no further information to release at this time."

KOMU will keep you updated as soon as more information is available.