Imposter poses as the Boone County sheriff

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COLUMBIA - Several people said they received phone calls Monday from an imposter pretending to be Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey.

The caller told victims there were outstanding warrants for their arrests to be settled over the phone. He asked for debit and credit card information or told victims to purchase pre-paid money cards and call back with the number on that card.

Detective Tom O’Sullivan from the Boone County Sheriff’s Department said, “This is obviously a scam. That isn’t the way we operate.”

He added the Sheriff’s Department never asks for personal information over the phone.

This sort of scam is not uncommon, and some of the scammers can even manipulate the caller identification so it says they are calling from the sheriff’s department.

Detective O’Sullivan said if you get a call from somebody you do not know and they ask for financial or private information, assume it is a scam and hang up.