In the Middle of the Night Sneaky People Post Tiger Town Fliers

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COLUMBIA- Public feedback came in the form of fliers last night in downtown Columbia. In the middle of the night, unknown Columbia residents claiming to represent a large group of downtown businesses posted fliers on almost every restaurant, bar and retailer protesting "Tiger Town."

Tiger Town is the plan for a downtown Columbia fan zone on football game days beginning in the fall. Organizers and committees are making preliminary plans that could close Locust Street between Fifth and Ninth streets before every home game. Street vendors would line the streets.

Campus Bar and Grill Owner Chris Flood said he won't have an opinion on Tiger Town one way or another until there are more guidelines defining what it could mean for his business.

Tiger Town's co-organizer Greg Steinhoff said this is a great opportunity for downtown Columbia to create something special. However, Steinhoff also noted that every time there is a new project, there will be reaction -- some of which came last night downtown.

The fliers were personalized for each business in downtown Columbia and read, for example:

"The Diner:

Would you like vendors to SELL BREAKFAST in front of your shop on your most important weekends of the year?


Stick up for downtown businesses by calling Greg Steinhoff at 573-239-5213."

Steinhoff said Tiger Town was designed to benefit downtown businesses. A good example of this is a proposal for open container laws on alcohol downtown. This would allow drinking alcoholic beverages on the streets.

Adam Dushoff is a member of the Columbia Improvement District Co-Owner of Addison's and Sophia's. He said it's too early to make any judgement calls regarding Tiger Town since nothing has been established yet.