Income Tax Bill Stakeholders Prepare for Veto Session

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Coalition for Missouri's Future held a news conference Monday to discuss House Bill 253, also known as the Income Tax Bill.

The Missouri House of Representatives website said the bill "changes the laws regarding the streamlined sales and use tax agreement, tax amnesty, the community development district tax, income tax, sales and use taxes, use tax nexus, and the transportation development tax".

The bill would lower income taxes. Different interest groups are divided on whether or not the bill would benefit the state of Missouri.

Governor Nixon vetoed the bill in June, but opponents are looking to override the veto on Wednesday.

Brent Ghan with the Missouri School Boards' Association (MSBA) said he wants to sustain the veto. "I think the next few hours leading up to the veto session are going to be critical as far as what the vote is going to be. So we're not letting up and I hope we have a successful outcome from our perspective in terms of the veto session," said Ghan.

The MSBA and more than 40 other organizations are part of The Coalition for Missouri's Future, which hopes to sustain the veto on HB253. Speakers at a news conference on Wednesday said they believe HB253 would "devastate services for children," and lower the funds for education to an "unacceptable" level.

Nick Droege, the student body president for MU, said the bill would "threaten Mizzou and it's students."

Brad Jones, from the National Federation of Independent Business, said he is in favor overriding a veto on HB253. Jones said the bill would save small businesses money and make room for raises that would boost the economy. 

"It's going to be a close vote. I think for those of us that enjoy that kind of thing this will not be one of those boring veto sessions," said Jones.

Both supporters and opponents plan to continue voicing their opinions and contacting lawmakers leading up to Wednesday.