Inconsistent weather causes pumpkin shortage in Missouri

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COLUMBIA - A wet summer and dry September has caused a pumpkin shortage in Missouri.

There were record high rains during June and July, pumpkin planting season. Now there is a drought and the pumpkin vines couldn't handle the inconsistency in weather, said Tim Reinbott, the Superintendent of MU Bradford Research Center.

"Pumpkins usually have a really strong vine system, but it is not working this season. This field is covered in weeds."

Workers at MU Bradford Research Center have tried to combat the weeds, but have been unsuccessful.

Reinbott said the bare fields resemble the aftermath of Halloween celebrations in a typical growing season.

"We will be lucky if we have 25% of the crop that we usually have, it's concerning."

According to Reinbott, the pumpkin shortage is an issue in multiple states, not just Missouri.