Indiana Horseback Riders Make an Impromptu Pit Stop in Sturgeon

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STURGEON - Richard Mills and Josh Campbell made a surprise pit stop in Sturgeon Monday on their cross-country trek to raise money for horse rescues. 

Sturgeon resident, John Robson saw the pair riding their horses on US Highway 63 North and pulled over to see if they needed a place to stay. 

"I saw them, I stopped, I wanted to talk to them because I've been riding horses for a good number of years. Their day was coming to an end so I said 'where are you sleeping?'," Robson said. 

It turns out, the horses needed to rest because of a couple hoof injuries. Robson led the men on horseback to his farm to stay the night and nurse the horses' injuries. 

Mills said he chose to ride the lengthy journey for the horses because they are a part of American history that should not be forgotten.

"Those horses gave up their lives to make it [the United States of America] what it is, just like our heroes, just like our veterans. Those horses were right there with us fighting.  They gave up their lives, so somebody needs to take care of them. Just because we don't need them no more doesn't mean they're not valuable," Mills said. 

The pair is following the Lewis and Clark Trail to Great Falls, Montana to raise awareness and funds for their horse rescue organization, Buck Creek Valley. The two horses along for the ride named Willy and Kojack were rescued from abusive situations. 

Mills said the group averages speeds of three miles an hour and plans to make it to Montana by November. 

People who would like to donate to the duo's cause can go to Buck Creek Valley's website.