Inflammatory syndrome related to COVID-19 affecting children

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COLUMBIA - Symptoms of a syndrome related to COVID-19 are now popping up in children.

More than 50 children in New York City have been confirmed with the mysterious multi-system syndrome that can cause heart and kidney failure. Three children have died in New York since reports first began.

The St. Louis Children's hospital has "a few" cases, and Children's Mercy in Kansas City has one case they are investigating.

MU Health Care infectious disease expert Christelle Ilboudo, MD, said we have to be careful because it is too early to tell how many children will present the new illness due to COVID-19. 

"Those patients who present with inflammatory syndrome related to COVID-19 tend to be sicker than those who present without the COVID-19 background," she said. 

Ilboudo recommends parents watch their children for prolonged fever or discomfort.

"A child having a fever for more than five days, especially if they are complaining for diarrhea, belly pain or dizziness, they really should be seen," she said.

Symptoms of the syndrome are similar to another disease found in young children called Kawasaki disease. 

This syndrome can appear during COVID-19 or after a child has recovered.