Initiative calls for men to say \"no more\" to domestic violence

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence launched a new statewide initiative called "Missouri Men Say No More."

It is Missouri's way of participating in the national No More initiative against domestic violence, according to Sgt. Bob Dochler of the Columbia Police Department, who attended Wednesday's kick off ceremony. He said he thinks calling men to action is a good strategy.

"Most of our services in what we do in law enforcement, combating domestic or sexual violence, is geared toward the victims," Dochler said. "We need to look at other ways to combat the problem and I agree with this approach, we need to go to the source."

Dochler said the goal of "Missouri Men Say No More" is "calling men to action to no longer be silent, to be good role models." 

He said, "If they see domestic violence occurring in relationships to speak up and to do what they can to stop it."

It encourages men to look at how they influence younger generations, Dochler said.

"It also calls men to action in raising your children, to set good examples, to foster good relationships with their children, and be good role models and lead by example," he said.

Dochler said he is passionate about the fight against domestic and sexual violence because of his past.

"Before I became a sergeant over this unit, I spent six years as a domestic violence detective," Dochler said. "I worked hand in hand everyday with this type of case load and these victims, so I saw what they went through and I know first hand the difficulty in trying to hold abusers accountable. I think this is one more way that we can try and work and combat this problem from a different angle."