Inmates at Moberly Correctional Center Say Theres\'s No Heat

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MOBERLY - As temperatures get colder, inmates at the Moberly Correctional Center say they're living without heat.

An inmate's relative told KOMU 8 News that inmates were living in uncomfortably low temperatures.

A mother of an inmate, who asked for her and her son's identity to remain anonymous, told KOMU she and relatives of other inmates have complained to prison officials about the cold temperatures.

The mother told KOMU, "My son has called me the past few days and says there is no heat in his wing. I called the prison and they basically called me stupid and said there was heat. He was told to hang a blanket on the wall but the walls have water running down them which freezes at night. Everyone in his wing has complained to their families about being freezing."

KOMU 8 contacted Warden Dean Minor, who said there was no problem with the heating system, and prisoners who complain about a lack of heat can get another blanket or plastic to cover windows.

A KOMU reporter tried to get in, but was denied entrance into the prison.

David Owen, public information officer for the Missouri Department of Corrections, said in an email, "Temperature readings were taken this morning and the lowest temperature reading taken outside a cell at MCC was 64.7 degrees and the window within that cell was cracked open. Temperature readings throughout the other cells were within the normal operating temperatures of 68-72 degrees."

The mother who spoke to KOMU said she would seek legal action if the facility did not fix the conditions. 

MCC officials said they will continue to check that cell temperatures are set at comfortable levels.