Inside of KOMU 8's Friday Night Fever Coverage

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COLUMBIA – Every Friday night, KOMU 8 Sports brings you Friday Night Fever coverage from local schools all over mid-Missouri. This coverage is brought to you by broadcast journalism students from the University of Missouri.

These students sacrifice their time every Friday night to travel to the game they are assigned to. The teams travel in groups of threes; one getting game highlights and two others are out on the field bringing live scores and highlights straight to all our social media and digital platforms.

Isaac Jahns, a Friday Night Fever team leader, uses this time on Friday nights to better his skillset.

“I enjoy shooting for sports, it gives me a chance to get better week by week,” Jahns said.

KOMU, an NBC-affiliate, is the only commercial television station in the United States that uses its newsroom as a working lab for students. The station’s news department is operated by the Missouri School of Journalism.

“They give me an opportunity that no other school or other station could give college kids like me,” Jahns said.

Highlights for Friday Night Fever can be found in many places. During the course of the night, KOMU 8 Sport’s twitter pages has live scores and highlights from the games.

Click here to access the KOMU 8's Sports Twitter page.