Installation of stormwater system to cause lane shift

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COLUMBIA- The installation of a stormwater system by the OPUS Group started Monday morning and may cause problems for drivers over the next couple of weeks. The installation of the system will cause a lane shift on 8th Street between Cherry Street and Locus Street. The project is expected to be completed by Monday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m. 

Columbia's Building and Site Development Manager Shane Creech said the installation of the stormwater system will benefit Columbia in several ways. 

"As they redevelop this block, a lot of the inlets and pipes that are in place are built with older technology or there are some spots maybe cracked, or falling apart. So this allows for brand new infrastructure in these areas and takes areas where Public Works probably would have had to do something at some point in time," Creech said. 

Creech said as far as timeline is concerned the group wants the project done as fast as possible so it can begin renting out rooms. He said there isn't a penalty by the city when it comes to the completion of the housing complex, but the Building & Site Development department will complete inspections of the building when the group calls and lets the department know it is ready. 

He said the overall concern of the department is focusing on the work being done on the roadways as well as keeping drivers in that area safe during the completion of the project. 

"What we're most concerned about is when they do work that impacts the street, we want to make sure that that happens in a timely and orderly fashion, safely, and that they get the road back open," Creech said. 

Motorists and non-motorized transportation users are urged to use caution in the work zone and use an alternate route when possible during the installation of the stormwater system.