Insurance counselors look to the future of health insurance

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COLUMBIA - Insurance counselors were at the Daniel Boone Regional Library helping people enroll in health insurance plans with the Affordable Care Act on Saturday. However, with GOP control in congress and the oval office, ObamaCare could be repealed and replaced. 

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said on Twitter that consumers need more choices for health insurance.

President-elect Donald Trump has also taken to Twitter to voice support for new health insurance legislation.

Insurance Counseling Program Manager Randy Rodgers and other insurance counselors helped people enroll in health insurance on Saturday.

"For individuals who can enroll and get insurance during 2017, they’ll have coverage through December 31st of 2017. And by that time there may be more information available about what’s happening in 2018 or 2019 if indeed a repeal and replace occurs,” Rodgers said.

He said 2017 plans in central Missouri only include Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, which limits which providers patients can see. 

"In the future if there were more insurers available here in Missouri it could increase their opportunities to get their medical care at facilities of their choice,” Rodgers said.

One man, who re-enrolled in health insurance today, said ObamaCare works for him. 

"It's the first time I've had health care since I was a teenager. It's been good," Patrick Kopine said. "I just hope I can keep having affordable health insurance."

As of Dec. 31, 2016, 249,732 people in Missouri enrolled in health insurance using 

Last year, 290,201 people were enrolled by Jan. 31.