Insurance navigator: Adding Centene to ACA options in Missouri a positive move

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COLUMBIA - Centene Corp. announced it will be joining the Affordable Care Act exchange in the state of Missouri. 

The insurance company also plans to expand to Kansas and Nevada as well. 

The move by Centene comes less than a month after Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City pulled out of the ACA exchange in the state. Blue Cross Kansas City's president said the company lost more than $100 million since being in the ACA exchange in Missouri. 

Federal insurance navigator Christy Stretz said Centene Corp. coming to Missouri is a positive. 

"The more carriers involved in the market place, the better it is for Missourians," Stretz said. 

She said the more competition there is, there is a better chance of having better rates and plans for people in the state. 

Stretz said there are some questions still to be answered though. 

"From the accounts I have read about Centene coming into Missouri, they are still unsure on what counties they are going to cover, where they are going to be in Missouri," Stretz said. 

She said Centene has until July to make that information available to the public. 

Stretz said there is a possibility more companies could enter the exchange in Missouri, or current companies could leave. 

"We would love for more to come in because it is good for Missouri," Stretz said. 

This comes as it is being reported by the AP neighboring state, Iowa, may be the first state to not have any insurers in the ACA exchange for that state.