Intense heat creates more trouble with air conditioners

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COLUMBIA- Hot weather is causing air conditioners to kick into over drive, and in some cases,  stop working.

One resident said his air conditioning unit was not working properly to keep up with the heat.

"Its really hot. It's not running, AC is running but obviously there's not enough freon, so it's not cooling the house fast enough so it stays 80-85, even at 8 o'clock its 80 degrees," Mehfuz Khan said.

After this week, Khan decided to call a company to clean out his air conditioner.

Jerry Hall, general manager at Master Tech, said air conditioners are breaking down because of the heat and dirt.

“There is a combination because its so hot the systems have to work harder. If the system is slightly dirty, it can still perform. It will still cool and on a cooler day. It works good enough to keep the house comfortable, but when it gets really hot and heat starts infiltrating the house, the system has to work a lot harder,” Hall said. 

He said it is important to change the filter and keep it clean. Homeowners can rinse off the some of the dirt with a garden hose. For a deep clean, Hall suggests calling a professional to disassemble the unit first.

Hall said people should understand the system is designed to cool the house by about 20 degrees. If the system is doing that, he said, it is all the system can do. 

To keep the house cool, Hall said to limit number of times people go in and out of the house.