Interactive Coding Experience promotes a stronger economy

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COLUMBIA - In a world run by the latest computer technology, every leg up students can get to better understand the changing world around them is helpful.

Thats why the Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), Mizzou's honor society for Computer Science and IT majors hosted an introduction to coding workshop for middle schoolers Saturday.

Students were invited to enter the digital world and better understand how programs work and how to start creating a few of them themselves. 

After a quick introduction, students began work on creating and promoting their very own video game.

Associate professor of computer science Dale Musser hosted the introduction to the event and said starting kids out on computing skills is just good practice. 

"The important thing is that we've realized it's important for kids to make computing and learning how to program a part of their literacy in order to prepare them for the world that's in front of them," Musser said. 

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics states computer programing and computer science skills are a large field for job, Musser said we weren't always focused on learning programing.

"When computers first came out they were new and exciting and everyone wanted to learn how to use them," Musser said. "But after a while, people stopped learning and we started just using them and programing interest dropped off. Now we are seeing a huge increase again in interest, and we want to support that."

One lucky student brought home a Leap motion control box for being the first to solve a coding problem.