Interim Boone County Clerk named following Wendy Noren\'s resignation

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COLUMBIA - Art Auer was appointed as interim county clerk in a Boone County Commissioners meeting Monday morning.

Without the clerk, employees of the county can't be paid, so it was crucial for the pick to be hasty. Boone County District 2 Commissioner Janet Thompson said Art Auer was a great candidate to keep the clerk's office on track for the upcoming August election. 

"The appointment of Art Auer, who has been in the clerk’s office, with managerial duties and great knowledge of the work that the office does for the people of Boone County, was a logical decision," Thompson said.

"We must ensure that the office can continue to prepare for the August elections, and Mr. Auer is best suited, through expertise and experience, to guide the office through that election, ensuring that the election will meet, and even exceed, national standards."

Auer doesn't intend to serve for longer than the unknown amount of time he'll have in the interim position but said he hopes he can maintain its current state. 

"I look forward to serving and maintaining the integrity that Wendy has provided in the her years of time. I want to continue providing the great service to our community," Auer said. 

Former county clerk Wendy Noren submitted her resignation letter to Gov. Eric Greitens after she served for more than 30 years. Her last day is June 23. 

The interim clerk position will be effective starting June 24.