International students find home for Thanksgiving celebration

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COLUMBIA - The Thanksgiving holiday brought out the joy of giving with the Fuchs' family. 

Curt and Joan Fuchs' decided to serve their Thanksgiving meal with international students this year through the university's program, "Mizzou Welcomes You". Three students from China, India and Vietnam were able to enjoy a home-cooked, American-style meal this year.

"Last year I went to a faculties home and we had a similar event, it's really nice to learn about the Thanksgiving tradition," said George Yumnam from India. 

"And you're welcome just to taste a little bit of everything and come back and get more," said Joan Fuchs. 

One student even prepared a Vietnamese dish to contribute to the tradition. "This year I'm glad to be able to join the Fuchs with their family meal," said Jiasen Guo. 

"Anytime I have the chance to interact with university students, it's great and I thought this would be a great opportunity, especially to get to know these kids and just for my family," said Curt Fuchs. 

The Fuchs took part in a traditional Thanksgiving feast and gathered around the table, while each of them said what they were thankful for.

"I'm thankful for family and I'm thankful for you all," said Curt Fuchs.