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BOONE COUNTY - A MoDOT traffic engineer said Thursday the Calvert Hill Road and U.S. 63 intersection will be evaluated for possible safety upgrades due to the fatal car accident there Wednesday. 

The intersection has had safety issues in the past. "You are asking people to make a judgement of when to look for a gap to make a turn. And so anything that would generate some sort of right angle crash, can be a very severe crash." said Matthew Myers, MoDOT Traffic Engineer.

 In 2005, there were 20 injuries from car accidents and MoDOT responded by putting flashing yellow lights before the intersection.  In the intervening 6 years, there have been 18 car accident-related injuries, with two deaths. 

Some Missouri residents went to Facebook to voice their concerns about the intersection. They said the intersection is dangerous and would like to have an overpass made.  MoDOT traffic engineer Matt Myers said a multi-million dollar improvement project for the intersection was not in the current budget.

One frequent user of the intersection had another idea."Well I think they could probably do more even if they put more of a flashing light over top the intersection." said David Nison.

Myers said they will evaluate the intersection, but do not count on any changes being made.