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JEFFERSON CITY - The Capitol rotunda filled Thursday with more than 150 students for the Missouri FIRST Lego League Capitol Invitational. Schools and groups from all over the state prepared for weeks making robots. Each year, the invitational has a theme students use to design their robots. This year it was "Food Factor." The students were to design robots that would help with food safety.

Some of the teams included the Robogirlz2, The Robot Overlords, and even a team of girl scouts called the Nuclear Unicorn Germ Assassins. One of the teams called the Tesla's Knights designed the "Banana Breeze," a machine that made bananas ripen 20% slower than usual. These teams have competed in other competitions, both regional and state. This competition was for fun and extra practice.

The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)competition was made to spark a love for science and technology in young people. The students learned about teamwork and sportsmanship through the program and developed a sense of leadership.

Photos by Danny Matteson/KOMU