Investigators Say Evidence Won\'t Yield Cause of Brookside Fire

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COLUMBIA - Local officials announced Wednesday the cause of the Brookside apartment fire on May 27 will remain undetermined.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Columbia Police Department and the state fire marshal's office have continued working together and said Wednesday they will be unable to determine the cause.

Investigators have determined the fire started in the southeast corner of the structure. Battalion Chief Brad Fraizer said that area, "was primarily a lot of wood at that stage of the construction, wood that was not completely covered with drywall, so it was very flammable."

Investigators have interviewed neighbors and witnesses to the fire and Fraizer said they feel they've exhausted all the leads at this point.

Officials said the investigation will continue and they urge anyone with information, videos or picture which have not been shared to come forward.

You can contact the fire marshal at 573-874-7556 and Crime Stoppers at 573-875-TIPS.