Iowa t-shirt company mocks proposed Capitol intern dress code

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JEFFERSON CITY - On August 23, Missouri state Senator Paul LeVota's resignation went into full effect. He announced his resignation back in July after an intern filed a sexual harassment complaint. This sparked a full scale investigation into Levota's conduct throughout his career.

This situation raised a larger debate into what constitutes appropriate work attire. Some members of the legislature proposed that a more strict dress code for interns would prevent clothing some would deem as inappropriate or distracting.

In response to this, Iowa-based clothing manufacturer Raygun created a shirt that said, "This is my not wanting sexual attention from Missouri state legislators shirt."

Pictures of the shirt went viral, and it caused quite a stir within the state capitol. Jonathan Butler, an MU graduate student, spoke to KOMU 8 News on what constitutes acceptable professional attire for women.

"I don't believe it's a man's job to tell a woman what she can and cannot wear to work. It's another format of discrimination towards women and policing women's bodies. So, to reinforce that patriarchy and to then say 'oh a woman can or cannot wear something' is absolutely ridiculous, and it's unethical."