Is White Right After Labor Day?

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COLUMBIA - Fashionistas struggle with an age-old question after every Labor Day: Can you wear white?

Whether white is more of a summer color or an outdated sign of high-society, the lines are blurred when deciding if white is appropriate following the holiday.

Some Columbia Mall associates said the "no-white" rule isn't dead yet.

"I think tops can definitely be worn, but bottoms should be reserved for summer," Loft sales associate Aubree Schlepp said. 

The associate manager of White House Black Market disagreed, saying these guidelines should be forgotten.

"You can totally wear white after Labor Day," Joe Jefferies said. "We, here at White House Black Market, know that you can. You can wear bright white or if you feel more comfortable in cream, but the bright white is still totally acceptable, especially when paired with great fall and winter accessories to make it work."

Stores in The District leaned the white way as well.

"I think there are really no rules in fashion anymore," Swank store mananger Becky Goldkamp said. "I think white after Labor Day is absolutely okay. I think using weather as a cue if white's okay or not, like if it's really hot, I say go for white. In the fall, I think you can definitely still wear white. Winter whites with maybe darker colors can still bring some of that brightness, but whatever makes you comfortable in your clothes."

These stores and others, including Chico's and Dillards, said they agree with white after the holiday, but some might have a more limited selection in bright whites.