Jason Kander stresses the importance of showing up to the polls

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COLUMBIA — Jason Kander visited with supporters and volunteers Sunday at his field office in Columbia to emphasize the importance of voting.

Supporters and volunteers picked up packets to go door-to-door and talk to people in the community. 

"You can see the excitement that's here. The folks here in Columbia are ready to go out and knock on doors and make sure other people are excited to get out to the polls and vote as well," Kander said.

Supporter Mary Kaye Doyle said she sees the importance of voting in her every day life and volunteered because she thinks visible support is important.

"I have two sons who ask me regularly how to vote and so I give them information. I'm not just saying vote for so and so, but vote for that person because of a particular issue," Doyle said.

Kander said volunteers will not only be talking about voting, but his campaign and overall message.

"It's about a new generation of leadership and having people in Washington who have actually done something in their lives voluntarily that's harder than a re-election campaign and that's one of the big differences between myself and Senator Blunt," Kander said.

Sen. Roy Blunt specifically asked Kander to return a $500,000 contribution from Hillary Clinton's campaign because of the controversy surrounding her emails, but Kander said the money was not a contribution to one candidate.

"The Clinton campaign is spending money in Missouri on it's own, it's not a contribution. That's just want the Blunt campaign keeps saying," Kander said.

KOMU 8 News will be covering Sen. Blunt's event in St. Louis Monday.