Jason Kander visits Columbia in 50-stop bus tour

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COLUMBIA - Senate hopeful Jason Kander made a stop at Logboat Brewing Co. on the second day of his 50-stop bus tour around Missouri.

Kander's platform for his campaign is #FixCongress and the main point during his speech was the fact that Congress is currently on a 7-week break.

He thinks lawmakers currently have too many important decisions to make to take a break. He specifically spoke about Zika Virus, ISIS and the Supreme Court nomination.

Kander said the issue is a key difference between him and the the incumbent, Sen. Roy Blunt.

"This campaign is about a new generation of leadership," Kander said. "We just have plenty of people in Washington right now who actually believe these decisions are so difficult that they can't make them and they have to leave town. That's a big problem."

There is a Jayhawk mascot following the bus tour around, contesting the claim that Kander is a '5th Generation Missourian,' because he was born in Kansas.

A spokesperson from Kander's campaign said the Jayhawk has been following Kander since April.

"I think Senator Blunt should be pretty embarrassed about the fact that he has forced a member of his staff to dress up in an animal costume," Kander said. "If a politician who has lived in Washington for more than half my life believes that a former captain of the Missouri National Guard is not a Missourian, I wish him luck with that argument."

The Missouri Republican Party released a statement saying "Jason Kander claims to be a 'fifth-generation' Missourian, yet he was born and raised in Kansas, graduated from a Kansas high school, was a registered voter in Kansas and got married in Kansas." 

Party leaders said they want to know "if Jason Kander cannot be truthful about his own biography, what else is he willing to do or say?"

Kander was also criticized in a press release by the Missouri Republican State Committee because he decided to not attend the Democratic National Convention. Kander said he endorses Hillary Clinton for president, but that he's focused on his campaign.

"I just wanted to make sure I could be here to talk to voters in Missouri, and that's exactly what we're doing," Kander said.

After visiting Logboat, he headed to Jefferson City for a stop at Lincoln University. 

Kander made six stops Monday in St. Louis and the boot heel area.

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