Jay Nixon: Fact Check

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JEFFERSON CITY - Incumbent Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon is running against Republican Dave Spence for Missouri Governor. In this specific ad, Gov. Nixon said that while in office, he has helped Missouri get through hard economic times and has kept a balanced budget. Are these claims true, or are they stretching the truth?

"Last month Missouri lead the Midwest in job creation, 17,900 new jobs." 

According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics press release, in August, Missouri did add 17,900 jobs.

Revised numbers for August that came out after the ad first aired said that number is now more than 14,900 jobs. Because the ad's numbers were correct when it started airing, we would label this claim as true.

"Nixon cut spending..."

Looking at the budget over the past four years, Nixon has cut spending. In 2009, he held back $227.3 million dollars. In 2010, he held back $931.3 million.In 2011, $285.3 million, and in 2012, $159.1 million. In total, over the past four years Nixon held back $1.6 billion. This claim is true.

"...held the line on taxes..."

Missouri's Budget Director Linda Luebbering, who's appointed by the governor, confirmed that over the past four years, the governor did not increase any taxes. True.

"...and balanced the budget.."

According to the constitution, the state must have a balanced budget, it cannot deficit spend like the federal government. So while true, this claim doesn't mean much.